Perfect Before-sale and After-sale Service Plan
 Before-sale Service:

1Before elevator installation, our sales personnel shall provide you with accurate shaft drawings to ensure to errors in the drawing design and equipment demand.

2During on-site operation, our professional engineering technical personnel shall coordinate with your company to ensure no errors in the engineering operation and equipment demand.

3Our sales personnel shall follow up the progress of your civil works to ensure that the actual project site conforms to the equipment demand.

 After-sale Service:
1Perfect service resources

Professional service teams: Our maintenance center has a professional service team, with sufficient service personnel and solid technical strength, to provide powerful human resource guarantee for maintenance services.

Perfect spare parts warehouse: We have a full-equipped spare parts warehouse, and a certain number of common wearing spare parts of elevators shall be provided together with shipped equipment. The main parts of elevators and the spare parts urgently needed by users shall be ready within 24 hours after an on-site demand notice is received to ensure timely shipment.

Unimpeded service hotline: It is at your service at any time. One Call is available in our company’s Customer Service Department. In the case of elevator failure, passengers shouldn’t panic and should make a call for help use the phone in the elevator. Our company shall send personnel to solve problems without delay.

Establishment of after-sale on-site service and maintenance station:

As for the domestic and overseas projects involving the services provided by our company, our company shall establish an after-sale maintenance service station at the project site as support for routine maintenance and emergency service of sold equipment.

Daily maintenance: Our company shall provide preventive maintenance (cleaning, lubrication, adjustment) once every half month to ensure the stable operation of the elevators of your company.

24 h all-weather urgent repair service: Our company shall provide 24 h all-weather urgent repair service and guarantee response within 15 min, with general problems solved in less than an hour and special problems solved in less than 48 hours. 

Quarterly return visit service: Our customer service director shall pay a return visit once a quarter to solve service, products and management-related problems and ensure timely improvement.

2Extended guarantee service for our products

Our company has established a perfect quality guarantee system, and apart from the shortest 12-month quality guarantee period for the whole elevator quality guarantee, as required by customers, our company can apply to the factory for the longest three-year quality guarantee service(paid) period for the whole elevator products sold by our company; our follow-up extended guarantee period shall maintain synchronous with the factory’s quality guarantee (only the cost of labor to be collected for the services during the extended guarantee period ) to ensure that customers can use our elevator products safely and trustingly.

Training Service Plan

Communication training: Our company shall provide services after product delivery. After our products are installed and delivered for use, our company shall dispatch technical experts to communicate with users and provide training for users to explain the matters needing attention during the use and daily management of elevators; we welcome you to send personnel to our company to study at any time.

Free on-site technical training for users: Couples with the installation, commissioning and trial operation processes of elevators, our company shall provide free planned on-site training for the management and maintenance personnel dispatched by purchasers in terms of the basic knowledge, use and maintenance & care technology of elevators, with training courses provided not less than three times (including training classes );

First Time: at the elevator installation stage, on-site teaching of basic knowledge of elevator mechanisms.

Second Time: at the elevator commissioning stage, on-site teaching of all functional performances of elevators.

Third Time: at the elevator delivery inspection stage, on-site teaching of safe use of management of elevators.

Specific Training Plan:

1After the completion of elevator installation and before delivery, our company shall provide free training for two or three elevator operators of your side.

2Training location: whole-day training in your place, in our company or at construction site,

3The technical personnel from the factor or the engineers from the Engineering Department of our company shall be responsible for training courses;

User training comes in two types, i.e. training for elevator operation personnel and training for elevator maintenance personnel; the contents of the two types of training are related, but their focuses are different. elevator maintenance personnel are required to grasp the skills of routine maintenance and the ability to eliminate some common minor failures after training.